We have a 25 years experience in setting up Central Sterilization Units (CSU), which we deliver ready for turn-key hospital projects with capacities up to 4000 beds.

We have been doing for 25 years by improving, renewing and following the new paths of technological developments.

Installation of: 

  • Steam Sterilizers
  • Large Capacity Autoclave (sterilizer) of Pharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Industry Type
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Gas Plasma Sterilizer
  • Washing, Disinfection and Drying Devices
  • And all other equipment

For Central Sterilization Units:

  • Design; • Infrastructure;
  • Setup;
  • We are establishing the Central Sterilization Unit by completing all the steps.

And we do everything until the smallest detail:

  • Procurement and preparation of scaled plans;
  • Routing according to the required and separated CSU field;
  • The right choice of materials and equipment;
  • Regulation of hygienic air conditioning system and creation of dirty-clean sections;
  • Construction of CSU construction, water, electricity and waste facilities;
  • Establishment of dirty material collection, separation, washing and decontamination units;
  • Preparation of sterile material, packaging, co-packing and sterilization units;
  • Storage of sterile material, formation of dispensing units;
  • Establishment of sterilization quality control units;
  • Services ,Installation, testing, validation of washing and disinfection devices and steam sterilizer devices for continuity of operation.


With our developed Sterilization Tracking and Documentation System, everything is under your control

All of your existing tools can be saved and marked with the SterileNET Barcode System .

With this coding system, you can monitor all the processes of the instruments in your establishment and follow all stages of sterilization. The Computer Aided Central Sterilization Unit is the right tool for achieving Total Quality Management (TQM) with the Sterilization Tracking and Documentation System. With the SterilNET system, you can manage the sterilization process and any processes connected to it from where you live.


SterilNet Barcode System:

  • Each instrument can be coded and reliably tracked with these codes.
  • With tool coding, you can achieve unique transparency in tool preparation.
  • You can create an ID card for each channel.
  • If you are using this system, the program will not make trouble for you . Because this system is flexible, you can fully integrate into your organization's system.
  • Take inventory of all your tools and easily manage them.
  • You can easily follow all sterilization processes.
  • You can easily walk through the sterilization department of your Quality Management System.blank

Why SterilNet?

  • Easy to Use, Fast Customization,

  • Retention of Regular Tool Inventory,

  • Providing Statistics Data of Surgical Instruments,

  • Maintenance Time Reminder,

  • Ability to build booth follow,

  • Following Surgical Tool Loss and Damage Situations,

  • Ability to follow the Consitency Company Sets,

  • Custom Reporting can be done,

  • Ability to mark the surgical instruments with damage,

  • Ensuring Traceability of Surgical Instruments,

  • Knowing how many times the operation of the surgical instrument is used,

  • Knowing how many times each surgical instrument is sterilized,

  • Tracking of Partial Instruments, Parts,

  • Privatization of Sets by Department or Physicians,

  • Follow-up of the Bundled Set,

  • Knowing how many times surgical instruments are repaired,

  • Reporting of CSU staff,

  • Daily, monthly and annual reports can be made at the Sterilization Center,

  • Remote Program Support

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In Turkey;

  • General Hospitals,
  • University Hospitals,
  • Education and Research Hospitals,
  • State Hospitals,
  • Military Hospitals,
  • Private Health Organizations,
  • Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sector,

We prepare and deliver all of the Central Sterilization Unit in various health institutions and organizations.

Some Hospitals where our Central Sterilization Units (CSU) can be found:

Ankara Gülhane Military Medical Academy (GATA)

Gaziantep Dr. Ersin ARSLAN State Hospital

Ordu State Hospital

İstanbul Güngören Oral and Dental Health Center,

Sungurlu State Hospital

İstanbul Bayrampaşa State Hospital,

Dotted Mouth and Dental Health Center,

İstanbul Bayrampaşa State Hospital

The validation services for our products are made by Hygcen GmbH, the German accredited organization.