Oxygen Usage Areas;

* Polyclinics
* In hospitals
* In field hospitals
* During ambulances
* Cutting of metals
* On high altitude flights
* Rockets with hydrogen as fuel
* In the production of chemicals
* in the disposal of domestic waste and wastewater
* Ozone production
* Cleaning and disinfection of drinking water
* On fish farms
* Envy
* Underwater dives
* Increasing combustion performance of fuels
* Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
* Textile industry

Nitrogen Usage Areas:

1-) In ammonia synthesis
2-) In inert atmosphere in chemical, textile, food, paint industry
3-) Excessive flammable liquids are transferred under nitrogen pressure
4-) In electronics industry, in bulb manufacture
5-) Shipment of food in the food industry and long-term storage and transport
6-) In nuclear reactors
7-) Prevention of oxidation of renewable oils
8-) Cleaning of tankers, pipelines and refineries
9-) In grain silos
10-) Providing controlled atmosphere in heat treatment furnaces
11-) In glass and steel making
12-) Coal mine safety and fire fighting
13) Fermentation
14-) Packing of food and delicate objects
15-) Driven by oil and gas wells
16-) Tissue freezing and storage
17-) Closing of metals
18-) As a coolant in molding, film extruder and process equipments
19-) Recovery of process solvents
20-) As chemical reagent and reagent carrier
21-) Fire protection in the stores of paper and paper products factories.
22-) Fire prevention in the storage of chemical substances.
23-) Military ammunition and fuel deposits.
24-) Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.

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