General surgery, Urology, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Eye, Brain Surgery, ENT, Cardiology etc. we are designing it to be suitable for many operations.


• Table top table; head, two-piece back, hip and two-piece leg section.

• The opening and rising of the table is provided by an electro-hydraulic system that moves with the help of a wired hand control, back part, trendelenburg-reverse, trendelenburg, right-left lateral movements.

• Manually moving head and foot parts can be extended up to 5 cm when requested, and can be removed when desired.

Eryiğit brand STR 2000- STR 2000F operation tables; General Surgery, Urology, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Eye, Brain Surgery, ENT, Cardiology etc. It is designed for use in many operations.

Our STR 2000F model has all the standard features found in our STR 2000 model. In addition to these features;

  • Capacity battery system for 30-60 minutes (200 moves)
  • Replacement control system on the body,
  • There is a 30 cm sliding movement.

Optional Features:

  • For more efficient use of the C - armed scoop device, the one - piece leg section, the head section replacement feature, The one-piece leg section is on the head when requested; the head can be added to the leg section,
  • Sliding feature of the table 30 cm back and forth in the direction of the head foot, (This feature is standard on the STR 2000F model.)
  • Manually or electro - hydraulically acting kidney elevator with elevation of 12 cm,
  • Electro - hydraulic brake system,
  • Special suspension for lowering of accessory rails,
  • Visco - elastic cushion set,
  • 2-piece backrest,
  • Safety system to prevent misuse in hand control.

Product Catalog

 STR 127Polyurethane Cushion Set 1 Set
 STR 105Arm Support 2 Pieces
 STR 104Shoulder Support 2 Pieces
 STR 108Knee Support 2 Pieces
 STR 106Body Support 2 Pieces
 STR 120Arm Belt 2 Pieces
 STR 110Accessory Jig (Turn) 2 Pieces
 STR 107Body Detection Belt 1 Pieces
 STR 101Serum Suspension 1 Pieces
 STR 102Anesthesia Frame 1 Pieces
 STR 103Waste Bath 1 Pieces
 STR 129Hand Control 1 Pieces
 STR 109Accessory Jig 8 Pieces
 STR 121Sack Belt 2 Pieces
 STR 118One-Piece Leg Section
 STR 111Spiked Head and Seating Pos. Bond.
 STR 119Accessories Rail Susta System
 STR 117Proctology Support
 STR 114‘’U’’ Type Title Section
 STR 115Kidney Elevator
 STR 123Silicone Body Support
 STR 125Shoulder Arthroscopy Set
 STR 112Orthopedic Traction System
 STR 113Bracelet
 STR 124Accessory Stand
 STR 126Visco Elastic Mat Set
 STR 114X-Ray Cassette Holder
 STR 122Silicone Head Support
 STR 128Radiographic Desktop Set


GOLDBERG model surgery tables; General Surgery, Urology, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Eye, Brain Surgery, ENT, Cardiology etc. It is designed for use in many operations.

Except for standard features on Goldberg surgical tables;

  • With the touch of a button on the hand, the ability to come in parallel with the head except for the head and foot (zeroing)
  • The ability to take at least four frequently used positions into memory
  • Ability to be fixed to the floor by electrohydraulic pistons controlled by four-point hand control and auxiliary control
  • In addition, the ability of the other movements to be inactive when the pistons are fixed to the floor
  • Manual discharge function of the brake system
  • Ability to perform flex and reflex movements with one key in hand control
  • Ability to display the table movements on the LCD screen of the hand control
  • Also features backlighting for keys that show hand movements
  • The ability to replace the head and legs
  • Can be lowered up to 550 mm and can be raised to 1025 mm to allow sit-up operations
  • Safety key feature in hand control (optional)
  • Stand-by feature when the table is not used (optional)

Goldberg 5S surgical kit;

  1.  Flex, reflex,
  2. Trendelenburg, reverse trendelenburg
  3. Right-left lateral
  4. Down-up
  5. Reset
  6. Hydraulic table fixing
  7. Move the feet up and down from the control
  8. There is the feature to continue working with the body control in the hand control.


  1. Right-left 20 degrees,
  2. Trendelenburg - reverse trendelenburg
  3. The head section is up and down 40/90 degrees
  4. Leg section down 90 degrees, up 80 degrees
  5. Back part down 40 degrees, up 80 degrees
  6. Carrying capacity 500 kg
  7. Sliding motion can move 30 cm in total with 15 cm back and forth
  8. Table can be lowered up to 550 mm and can be raised to 1075 mm to allow sit-up operations
 GB5S 127 Polyurethane Cushion Set 1 Set
GB5S 105Arm Support 2 Pieces
GB5S 104Shoulder Support 2 Pieces
GB5S 108Knee Support 2 Pieces
 GB5S 106 Body Support 2 Pieces
 GB5S 120 Arm Belt 2 Pieces
 GB5S 110 Accessory Jig (Rotating) 2 Pieces
 GB5S 107 Body Detection Belt 1 Pieces
GB5S 101Serum Suspension 1 Pieces
GB5S 102Anesthesia Frame 1 Pieces
 GB5S 103 Waste Bath 1 Pieces
GB5S 129Hand Control 1 Pieces
GB5S 109Accessory Jig 8 Pieces
GB5S 121Sack Belt 2 Pieces
 5S 111Spiked Head and Seating Pos. Bond.
 5S 112Orthopedic Traction System
 5S 113Bracelet
 5S 114‘’U’’ Type Title Section
 5S 114X-Ray Cassette Holder
 5S 115Kidney Elevator
 5S 117Proctology Support
 5S 118Single Part Leg Section
 5S 119Accessories Rail Susta System
 5S 122Silicone Head Support
 5S 123Silicone Body Support
 5S 124Accessory Stand
 5S 125Shoulder Arthroscopy Set
 5S 126Visco Elastic Mat Set
 5S 128Radiographic Desktop Set
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