• Designed for maximum sterilization at low temperatures, the GOLDBERG® S-MAX® series, with its scientific and technological innovations, provides excellent results under the most difficult conditions.
  • Highest quality components are used to manufacture this device in order to provide a sustained high performance over many years.
  • Maximum Speed: Sterilization takes only 18 minutes with “NoLumen E program”.
  • Maximum Control: Advanced microprocessor control allows fully automated operation.

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  • Hydrogen Peroxide has extremely active free radicals which interact with microorganisms' cell membrane and other cellular organelles which eventually kill the microorganisms.
  • Can sterilize devices that are sensitive to heat and humidity, prolongs the lifetime of devices by avoiding corrosion caused by humidity.
  • Can sterilize at low temperatures (40-55 oC).
  • Can sterilize lumen devices.
  • No toxic substance is used or released; the only by-products of the sterilization process are water and oxygen.
  • Sterilized loads can be used immediately.
  • Complete sterilization in less than 30 minutes with a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6
  • No need for any infrastructure other than electricity.
  • Having low purchasing, operation and maintenance costs.
  • Loads can be sterilized in Tyvek packages.


  • Eryiğit Medical Devices Corp. has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing medical devices that are exported to 50 countries worldwide.
  • Tested and approved by German accreditation company Hygcen GmbH.
  • Maximum User-friendliness: Since all the process parameters are controlled in real time by an advanced microprocessor and all of the tests and preparation steps are handled automatically by the system, all the operator needs to press a single key.
  • Maximum Sterilization: Efficient sterilization at low temperatures (T < 50 oC).
  • Maximum Quality: Highest quality components from companies such as Leybold, Siemens and Ulvac are utilized in Goldberg S-Max series sterilizers.
  • Maximum Safety: Cartridge system allows efficient and safe sterilization.
  • Maximum User-friendliness: Logo colorization allows remote monitoring in central sterilization
  • Maximum Sterilization: Definitive results from tests done with bioindicators from 3M, Bionova
    and other vendors.
  • Maximum Safety: No toxic substance is used or released. The only by-products of sterilization process are water and oxygen.
  • Increased chamber volume (20%) by means of plasma generated outside of the chamber.
  • Catalytic converter to protect the vacuum pump.
  • Optimized chamber volumes ranging from 50 liters to 200 liters for several applications.
  • No need for any infrastructure other than electricity.
  • Rectangular aluminum chamber for efficient use of space.
  • Foot pedal to open the device door.
  • Timely and effective technical service.
  • Minimal cost for maintenance, repair and consumables.
  • External memory unit that stores process parameters for up to 10 years. Deep vacuum to eliminate residual hydrogen peroxide after the process.
  • Sustained high performance operation for many years .
  • Our production is inline with ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 standards.
  • Shelves that have a carrying capacity of 30 kg with minimized surface area.
  • Injection of hydrogen peroxide from 6 different points to provide homogeneous diffusion.
  • Corrosion-resistant H2O2 vaporizer.
  • HEPA filter that blocks particles over 10 nanometers in size from entering chamber.
  • More efficient sterilization by OH radicals released from interactions of  H2Oand O3.
  • Preconditioning minimizes process cancellations.