Oligonucleotides & Primers

Eryigit carries out high-quality primer synthesis using the world’s most advanced high-throughput DNA synthesis and purification systems. With fast next-day delivery and low prices, we provide our high-quality primers to researchers and clinicians. Our high-throughput system is able to meet the annual oligo needs of Turkey. By using Biolytic (USA) Dr. Oligo™ DNA/RNA Synthesizer, 96 oligos can be simultaneously synthesized separately with a yield of >99.95%. Using Dr. Oligo™, our lab routinely performs synthesis of oligos up to 125 bp in length at standard 50 nmol, 100 nmol, and 200 nmol scales. Furthermore, using the fully automated Dr. Oligo™Processor, we carry out routine purification of our synthesized oligos including removal of organic salts (desalting) and DMT-ON (Oligonucleotide Purification Column (OPC)-Reverse Phase (RP)-HPLC grade).

If desired, we also provide “degenerate primer syntesis” services and offer Ion Exchange (IE)-HPLC grade purification.


DNA Probes

DNA probes are used in in situ techniques to determine whether or not a target sequence is present by hybridization with the target DNA or RNA sequence. The fluorescent markers found on these hybridized probes are what allow them to be visualized. This method is used to identify microorganisms and diagnose infectious, genetic and other diseases. Eryigit synthesizes molecular probes that you can use in your molecular biology research. The manufactured probes are subjected to quality control tests. We are able to modify probes with the following markers:



Synthetic Genes

Researchers in academia, as well as the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, demand certain (existing or de novo) DNA sequences to be physically synthesized in order to carry out their research.

Synthetic genes are double-stranded genetic materials synthesized in the laboratory based on a sequence obtained from genetic databases. They can also be synthesized based on a sequence that is randomly generated or purposefully designed or manipulated in silico. This synthesis capability is critical for studies that use DNA sequences that are difficult to generate via conventional methods such as molecular cloning.

Any DNA sequence that differs from what is available in nature can easily be obtained via synthetic biology. Additionally, sequences already in existence can also be synthesized rapidly.



Sentebiolab Senteligo Coronavirus Detection Kit

SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) infection has been declared a pandemic by WHO.
• This infection manifests by high fever, shortness of breath and dry cough in infected patients, and has a high mortality rate.
• Although some patients have very mild symptoms, many patients require hospitalization and transfer to ICU.
• The most effective way of combatting this pandemic is through self-quarantine, social distancing and extensive testing.
• There are two main test methods that are available for SARS-CoV-2, the rapid method which takes 15 minutes has approximately 10% false positive/false negative rate.
• The most accurate method of testing for SARS-CoV-2 is through qPCR in a laboratory.
How is SENTELIGO qPCR Test different from others?
• Eryigit is the leading synthetic biology company of Turkey and has been producing qPCR primers and probes since 2011, with more than ten-thousand references.
• Among the 7 qPCR protocols released by WHO, Eryigit chose USA-CDC protocol; however, our scientists quickly realized the risk of false negative detection due to dimer-dimer problems in this protocol. So, we developed an optimized kit that overcame this problem.
• Unlike many other companies, Eryigit produces every single component of its kit by itself, reducing the risk of mistakes during production.
• Our qPCR kits have over 99% accuracy.
• Senteligo SARS-CoV-2 qPCR Detection Kit also has a fully synthetic and non-pathogenic positive control which eliminates the possibility of false negative results due to enzymatic problems.

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