We Develop

Research and development studies are a core activity in Eryigit Medical Devices. Since 1991, we have been producing innovative and highly effective disinfection / sterilization systems, medical oxygen concentrators, water treatment systems, surgical tables and their accessories and we are continually improving these products. All of our products are based on designs that are protected by intellectual property laws.

Eryiğit places great importance to the ideas of her employees. By providing them with a free development environment and cooperating with the universities of the country, Eryiğit has developed many products, that increased her international competitiveness and has, thus, become one of the leading companies of the sector. Thanks to the continuous R & D work carried out, it has been registered as an R & D Center under the Law No. 5746 on Supporting R & D and Design Centers, and has continued to increase her R & D work since that day.

In addition to developing biomedical devices, the Eryiğit R&D Center also develops and performs projects in the fields of biotechnology and synthetic biology which an aim for rapidly commercialization and supports the industrial production needs of our country in these scientific disciplines. Besides being a manufacturer company in the field of biotechnology, Eryiğit R&D Center also employs many researchers who have completed their master's and PhD degrees in molecular biology, biology and biotechnology, and publishes many international publications in the field of biotechnology.

We Always Work For The Better

At Eryigit we are trying to introduce new products and improve our existing products in order to make health services safer, more effective, more accessible and easier. When doing all of these, we also take care to provide solutions that will reduce the cost of health services to hospitals, patients, society and the environment. Accordingly, we use green production methods to save the resources od our Planet.