ERYIGIT has been investing in biotechnology since 2003. Within 3 biotechnology laboratories, one in Bilkent Cyberpark and two in our factory in Ivedik Organized Industrial Zone, ERYIGIT conducts R&D projects in various fields of synthetic biology and biotechnology and commercializes the products it has developed. One of our laboratories in our factory has a 400 m2 clean room system suitable for GMP production, has been designed to be suitable for the production of biotechnology products.
In our company, we have many employees who have PhD, MSc and BSc degrees in Biology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Biotechnology. Since we think that science and technology education and scientific publishing are crucial for R&D, we have published 2 patent applications in the field of biotechnology, 1 international book on nanobiotechnology, 3 research articles in SCI-indexed journals and other publications.
Due to the importance given by our company to science education, ERYIGIT will cooperate with Karadeniz Technical University under the umbrella of TUBITAK 2244 Industry Doctorate Program and will train 3 PhD students in the field of biotechnology. In addition, an affiliate of our company, Sentebiolab Biotechnology, is carrying out a project to train 3 PhD students in the field of biotechnology within the scope of a separate TUBITAK 2244 Industrial PhD project with Ankara University.