RNA Extraction Kit

The Swab/Saliva Viral RNA/DNA Extraction Kit is suitable for the rapid extraction of high purity viral nucleic acids from plasma, serum, nasopharyngeal swab, sputum, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, ascites, cell culture supernatant and urine. This kit is based on the silica gel column purification method. The sample is homogenized in the lysis buffer and the nucleic acids are released into the buffer. The lysis buffer contains a high concentration of guanidine. In this condition, the membrane absorbs nucleic acids by hydrogen bonds and electrostatic interactions, while proteins and other impurities are not absorbed. The lysate is transferred to the adsorption column for filtration, and the nucleic acid containing filter membrane is washed to remove residual proteins and other impurities, and finally the nucleic acids are eluted by the low-salt buffer solution. The obtained nucleic acids can be directly used in downstream experiments such as reverse transcription, PCR, RT-PCR, fluorescence quantitative PCR, nextgeneration sequencing and Northern blotting.

Storage Conditions
Store and transport at room temperature (15°C - 25°C).

Main components
The kit consists of the following components:
50 mL     Lysis Buffer              Provides an environment for lysing and binding to the column
24 mL     Wash Buffer             Removes residual proteins and other impurities
6 mL        Elute Buffer             Nuclease-free solution
100 pcs    Spin Columns        Adsorbs viral nucleic acids
100 pcs    Collection Tubes    Used for collection of eluted nucleic acids